Not many people are able to say that they truly love what they do and mean it. For Emma, she knows she is lucky to have a successful business that she’s extremely passionate about. There’s just something about designing a unique piece of jewelry. From conception to finally seeing someone enjoy wearing a stunning hand-crafted piece that she created with her own hands … it’s an experience Emma is so very grateful to be part of.

It was only natural that she form Blossom and Beau to begin offering her art for others to enjoy. Yes, art. Each piece of jewelry is personally designed and created by Emma with not only professionalism but true love for what she does. She becomes genuinely excited about the process of creation, but she always looks forward to seeing the expressions of those who feel gorgeous in each beautiful design. There’s nothing like seeing your art come alive through the joy of someone else.

A true people person, Emma adores working with people, meeting those who purchase her  jewellery, but also discovering new faces at craft markets and  communicating with wholesalers. There’s a warmth to Blossom and Beau simply because the woman behind it exudes that very warmth and care in everything she touches.

Living in country NSW with her ever-supportive husband, Emma is also a mum of two girls who gladly benefit from having a mother who creates such fun and lovely jewelry. Creativity has been a part of Emma’s life long before Blossom and Beau came into existence, but when she finally discovered the endless possibilities when combining resin with jewelry she never turned back. Her imagination was set alight and a few years later Blossom and Beau would officially begin to take shape and become what it is today. One look around the website and you can see how far it’s come. From necklaces to cuff links, Blossom and Beau is a wonderful online nook offering a wide variety of custom products … all from the heart of Emma’s inspiring imagination. And though there are many options to choose from already, this is only the very beginning for Blossom and Beau. There is so much more to come.

We hope you enjoy browsing Blossom + Beau's products and always welcome feedback, suggestions, custom orders etc. xxx